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Mentors meet on 04 April, 2021

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Being part of Organizing Team for Prez Program at Sewa Kunj Ashram, Sonebhadra

First Visit of President of India in Sonebhadra since Independence

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Navodaya Yaari

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Mukund Bihari

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Santosh Kumar, Assistant Treasury Officer

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Career Guidance and Inspirational Videos

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Pushkar Bhaiya, an Inspiration

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Mentor Program

Minutes of Meeting of Mentors 04 April 2021

  1. Group of Mentors (
  2. Mapping needs of Mentees based on feedbacks- Mukund Bihari and team
  3. Dashboard etc. for Alumni – Kuldeep and Team
  4. Creation of Brochures etc – Vijay Yadav and Team
  5. Assigning mentees – Shanta Kumar and Team (Team members must give a call mentees to develop connection)
  6. Contact to Senior Most Batches – Bhaskar Jha and Team
  7. Upcoming Career Guidance Program (Last Sunday of April, 2021)- Sati Raman Mishra and Team

Organizing Committee

MonthsCoordinatorOrganizing Committee Organizing Committee may add More Speakers (7-8 speakers would be sufficient for one program and its continuity)
AprilSati Raman MishraAnand Kumar, Mukund Bihari, Bhaskar Jha, Kuldeep SahniAdd More Speakers (Besides Coordinator and organizing committee)
JulyShanta KumarDheeraj Jha, Prashant Mishra, Kumar Manoranjan, Vijay Yadav, Krishna Mohan Jha, Manisha Add More Speakers (Besides Coordinator and organizing committee)
OctoberKumar ManoranjanSati Raman Mishra, Bhaskar Jha, Mukund Bihari, Shanta Kumar, Prashant Mishra Add More Speakers (Besides Coordinator and organizing committee)
Anand KumarAnand KumarKumar Manoranjan, Krishna Mohan Jha, Kuldeep Sahni, Dheeraj Jha, Vijay Yadav, Manisha Add More Speakers (Besides Coordinator and organizing committee)

Tentative Format of Career Guidance Program

  1. Individual Speakers may include these things in their talk:
  • Career Prospects, Success Stories with Difficulties in positive tone
  • Importance of discipline and other good traits

2. Q&A

3. Sharing Email etc to take questions and answers

Format for Program (Duration 1h30m may be extended for 2 h)

Speakers (Besides welcome note etc.)Schedule
Speaker 1
Speaker 2
Speaker 3
Speaker 4
Speaker 5
Speaker 6
Guest Lecture (By Seniormost batches)
Email Sharing etc

Pl give names for participating in mentorship program.

Please volunteers to become mentor and act as bade Bhaiya or Didi for younger generation to guide them and give mental support to help them do better in their life. You may give your name, contact number, Email-ID against any students as listed below.

(Idea shared by Sati Raman Bhaiya needs to be implemented and it seems a practical way to get involved in Alma mater. Vandana Jha wishes to volunteer to coordinate with Di’s to become mentor. All are welcome to take things ahead. We can also think of our Non-Navodayan good and responsible friends to become mentor)

Role of Mentor

To be finalized- someone may volunteer to formulate some guidelines for mentor as well as for mentees or just mail me your thought at

Mentor is not supposed to give career guidance to younger generation. Career guidance consists of many processes which some of us may develop expertise and conduct a program of two three days at school. You may get professional opportunities also in future.

As a mentor, we should establish communication with students. Once in two or three months we should give a call and just talk with him and know what they are doing. Meanwhile, we may share our own experiences or tell about other alumni etc. We should motivate them to work hard so that they may do better in life. Every father, mother, sister and brother are doing these things at home. In case of some specific requirement, things may be shared with alumni community.

We should also need not to become too personal, as we can’t solve anyone’s life problem. But we can empathize with them and motivate to keep working hard amid adversities.

A mentee is like Arjun who will ask what to do. A mentor should be like Krishna who will show the world scenarios, give theories and at the end leave you to take your decision.

(These are my ideas, it is getting improvised and final guidelines will emerge soon.)

Mentors of Class 12 Students

Mentors of Class 10 Students

Informative News for Relevant Education

Pushpraj Shukla, 37, the 1999 ICSE topper who is currently Partner Director of Data Science at Microsoft in San Francisco, says more attention in schools to public speaking and debating could go a long way. “Let the whole class participate in public speaking; not just a few select students. These skills are bigger differentiators in careers than some of the other ones that schools focus on,” said Shukla, who moved to the US in 2005 after his Computer Science BTech from IIT-Kanpur.

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Alumni supported younger Brother

A very very ….. special…thanks….to you….all my….dearest…. friends….and my. ….. dearest….bhaiyaa…..I am not able to believe that….I am going to join nit Agartala from cse branch……..I am extremely happy….I really want to enjoy this……and this smile on my face….is only due to all….our..alumni… I am understanding the power….of alumni, meaning of organisation of alumni meet…… in our school and College… all are very helpful….I never feel any type of problems during this compaign due to all of your Caring..nature……mai apni puri kosis karunga…aap sab ke vishwash ko jeetne…ka…….thanqqq very much..bhaiya.❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️to you all my bhaiya…….

Pravesh Kumar (2013-2020)

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Navodaya Mission: Spiritual Strength from Service

Corona Warrior: Donate for Survival


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